Lulu versus the cat through the wire fence 

Several years back, Lulu had a nemesis in the form of a next door cat. Lulu likes to bark at anything that goes by our property. The next door cat liked to hang around near the wire fence and watch Lulu go ballistic.

We’d often see the cat writhing luxuriously on its back by the fence. We’d also see/hear Lulu barking her head off, implying ill intent upon the cat.

One day, the cat got close enough to the fence that its tail poked through the fence.

This was the moment that Lulu was waiting for. Well, come to think of it, that does seem to be more sophisticated than Lulu’s usual strategy. Anyway, Lulu leapt toward the cat’s tail and got a mouthful near the tail’s tip.

At this point, the cat expressed that it would be happier if Lulu would let go of its tail. In turn, Lulu expressed that she wanted to chew on the rest of the cat. It was a standoff of sorts but not a quiet one.

As all things must pass, Lulu eventually let go of the cat’s tail.

From then on, we noticed that a) the cat no longer hung out near the fence and b) the last inch of the cat’s tail bent at a painful-looking 90 angle.

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