root cause analysis

At work, we were having trouble with <SoftwareProduct>. Per the documented procedures like “tweak this file”, “change this setting” and “poke some other thing” we valiantly tried to get it working. Nothing seemed to fix the issue.

I then tried a “level 1 diagnostic” which is Star Trek speak for “turn it off and turn it on again”. This worked.

As I was documenting what I’d done so that my teammates would know what to do when it happened again, I was asked to fill out a root cause analysis.

The root cause could have been a number of things but we didn’t have the tools to figure that out. <SoftwareVendor> was already pretty busy with other, higher priority issues and so was I.

I summed all this up and filled in the root cause analysis field: “<SoftwareProduct> is garbage.” This analysis was greeted with my teammates’ applause.

Sometimes, brevity is best.

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