Frank had gone to New York City (“a city so nice they named it twice”) for work. Somehow, he managed to get there without his ID.

Frank needed his ID on the following day otherwise he’d be trapped in NYC. Greg agreed to send the ID overnight via USPS since they guaranteed delivery on the following day by noon. They considered using FedEx instead but FedEx wanted four times as much.

On the following day, noon came and went but there was no sign of Frank’s ID. Greg check the tracking system but it said that the package with the ID had been delivered. The folks at the hotel where the package was sent denied receiving it.

Both Frank and Greg were getting pretty nervous and were thinking dark thoughts about what could have happened. And some darker thoughts about dealing with a stolen ID while in NYC.

Fortunately, there was a simple explanation. The postie who was supposed to deliver the package had been worried that he was going to be late. Rather than risk getting dinged for being late, the postie forged the hotel signature to say that the package was delivered on time, saved his reputation, and delivered the package at his leisure. This went the way of all plans.

Frank got his ID 90 minutes late, missed his plane, and had to spend another night in NYC because of the lazy sack of <naughty word> postie.

All of this leaves me wondering if this a federal government thing, a NYC thing, or something else.

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