black pudding pizza

I was talking with Dad. He mentioned that he’d added a new item to his list of favorite foods: black pudding pizza.

It seems that he’d been googling about Sunderland (a city near where we’re from in the northeast of England) and he found a link about a Scottish restaurant. Black pudding pizza was one of their specialties.

Notes for non-Brits:

English cooking gets a lot of bad press. A lot of it is well-deserved. We eat a lot of things which most Yanks and Canucks would never let pass their lips. Black pudding’s claim to fame, or infamy, is that pork blood is one of the main ingredients. Before folks start getting too excited, please consider what usually goes into sausages or hot dogs.

In British-English dialects, as opposed to American-English dialects, “Pudding”  can be either a sausage or generic term for dessert but not both at the same time. Brits don’t eat sausages for dessert.

When we lived there, there weren’t any mass-market black pudding products. Each butcher would make his own black pudding with his own recipe. Dad warned that you had to be careful about which butcher you got black pudding from because their recipe could make it really ducking awful.

I interrupted Dad at this point. I said most folks would think that the best that you can get with black pudding is ducking awful and they’d hate to imagine what Dad thought was ducking awful.

Anyway, Dad figured that black pudding wasn’t on most pizzerias’ lists of toppings. He’s settled for adding black pudding to homemade pizza. He says that he likes it.

It’s more of an acquired taste though.

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