paddleboarding some more

We went paddleboarding at Millenium Park again. This was the third time for us after paddleboarding in the Caribbean and at┬áMillenium Park last year. (paddleboarding again) There’d been talk that me might do again on our next cruise and I figured that I could use more practice climbing back on the paddleboard.

We pushed off the shore and climbed onto our boards. I was kinda wobbly until Pam pointed out that I was too far forward on the board. I backed up a bit and the board seemed suspiciously stable. I started paddling around the lake/pond. I had a couple of moments where it seemed like I was about to fall in. Instead, I bent at my knees and hips to lower my center of mass and stayed on top of the board.

After paddling around for a while, a woman in a canoe called to me: “Are those things hard to learn?”

I thought so but I answered, “On my first two tries, I spent more time climbing back on than actually standing on the darn things. This is my third attempt and I haven’t fallen so far.”

At the end of the rental time, I got back to the dock without once falling into the water.

I’m as surprised as you.


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