the just

I spent the better part of 2017 trying to upgrade (software_product) by (software_vendor). I kept asking (software_vendor)’s support folks for instructions and advice and their instructions kept failing.

After the first year, my employer decided that we needed the upgraded software now and couldn’t wait any longer. They decided that instead of trying to upgrade the existing stuff, we’d just get new servers and use that. (I’d recommended this back in 2016 but I’m not bitter)

They also decided that we’d use (contract_house) to do the work since they’d done this before and I hadn’t. This made sense since they were in a hurry, but I had to make an effort to prevent my nose from getting out of joint.

The new system had been running fairly quietly for a few months when I got a message from (contract_house) telling me that they were going to install some patches.

I next heard about this on the following day when I was asked if I could logon to (software_product). I found that I couldn’t with either of my accounts. It seems that all accounts were blocked. I asked if the security fixes had been overzealous.

After 2017, I’d gotten used to the difficulties of working with (software_product) but still had some lingering feelings of self-doubt.

While I feel sympathetic toward (contract_house), I do feel better knowing that (software_vendor) sh1ts on both the just and the unjust.

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