Scratchy and Itchy

For a while, I’d assumed that folks with similar personalities would get along. I’ve since found evidence to the contrary.

I used to work with an unpleasant person. Let’s call her Scratchy. She was temporarily assigned to work with another unpleasant person who I’ll call Itchy. A number of us thought that they’d get along since they had similar personalities.

Not so much. Actually, they disliked each other more than most folks disliked them. Whenever one was around when the other wasn’t, we’d hear about what an awful <naughty word, sexist too> the other one was.

The prevailing theory was that if a jerk can be unpleasant with folks who don’t give them reasons to be unpleasant, then that jerk will be extra unpleasant with someone who does give them a reason.

In contrast, when 2 pleasant people get together, they seem to get along.

That isn’t as funny though.

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