the new standard 

Pam and I were driving to Evansville again. We’d gotten to a later start than usual. I’d decided earlier that I’d just leave the shirts on their cheap wire hangers and hang them in the back of the car on the way down. I figured that I’d move them to the car on the morning of the drive. I also worried that I might forget. 

About 50-60 miles into the drive, as we were passing Lansing, I realized that I’d managed to forget the shirts after all. 

We considered whether we should just buy more shirts on our trip or go back and get them. 

Pam came up with another plan. Since Corwin was at our place, Pam asked him if he’d grab my shirts and meet us halfway. Corwin agreed and we met about half an hour later. 

As I picked up my shirts, I told Corwin that I was feeling a bit sheepish about this. He said “At least you didn’t piss yourself,” referring to an earlier catastrophe. (multitasking)

I was a bit flummoxed. I said “Is that the new standard for stupid, embarrassing events?”

Apparently, it is. 

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