moving to San Antonio 

We drove to Evansville to celebrate various birthdays and help Morgan, Beth, and the grandkids move to San Antonio.

The overall plan was to:

  • Rent a car to get to Evansville
  • Drop off the rental in Evansville and borrow the kids’ Civic to get around
  • Celebrate birthdays
  • Help load the truck
  • Drive toward San Antonio
  • Drive some more to San Antonio
  • Get to San Antonio
  • Help the kids settle into their new digs
  • Fly home

Renting the car was no problem. Dropping off the car in Evansville was a bit more problematic. We were supposed to drop off the car at 8:00pm. We were already cutting it close and then we wasted an extra hour because I forgot to put my shirts in the car. Fortunately, my caring family spared me any embarrassment.

Day 0 – let’s load a truck 

The guys who were hired to load the truck didn’t show up. They also went dark – they didn’t answer their phones or emails. Some of us started loading boxes onto the truck while others started looking for folks who would help shift the heavier furniture from the basement to the truck. Becky found some folks who do this sort of thing for a living and could do this on short notice.

Day 1 – Evansville to Little Rock, Arkansas – 450 miles 

The first day of driving took us through Kentucky and Missouri, ending in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

We formed an itty bitty convoy with Morgan leading with the 26′ truck, followed by Beth in the minivan with the grandkids, and with me bringing up the rear in the Civic. Pam took turns riding shotgun with Beth and me.

For the first half of the drive, we had various kinds of rain, from drizzle through middling hard rain. After that, the weather was clear.

We spent the night at a hotel.

Day 2 – Little Rock to Dallas, Texas – 360 miles 

I started the second day by backing Morgan’s Civic into a post. We heard some interesting crinkly sounds. When we checked, we saw that the passenger side of the rear bumper had a minor crack and was a little out of position. At least it matched the other side of the bumper.

We spent about 6 hours on the road. The last 2 hours were spent getting from one side of Dallas to the other.

We spent the night at a Super 8 motel. It was a dump. Well, it was clean, but cheap and shabby.

Day 3 – Dallas to San Antonio – 310 miles 

On the way to San Antonio, we drove thru Waco, Texas, to explore Magnolia Market. We couldn’t find a place to put the honkin’ big truck so we kept on going. We’ve since heard from folks accusing us of all sorts of things – from voting for Clinton thru voting for Trump – because we passed on the opportunity to shop at Magnolia Market. Some even suggested that we park the truck in the middle of the street so that we could shop at Magnolia Market.

I’ll let you guess my opinion of these opinions.

We also stopped at Ikea in Austin to plan out future shopping trips. We got to the new house around 6:00pm. We inspected the new digs, then went to our hotel.

We spent the night at a Marriott which is one heck of a change of pace from Super 8. It was palatial!

Day 4 – unloading the truck

This time, the guys who were hired to unload the truck did show up and were done in a couple of hours. There was some damage to one of the the sofa sections and some water damage because the truck let in some of the rain that we drove through.

Day 5 – getting stuff 

Morgan and Beth needed washers and dryers and mattresses and other odds and ends. They got most of them.

There was almost a minor disaster where we were temporarily locked out of the house. Morgan fixed this with the serrated side of a key, a rock, some wire and chewing gum.

Day 6 – getting home

We set the alarm clock for 4:30am so that we’d have time to get the 6:00am shuttle to the airport. We didn’t need that though since the fire alarm went off at the hotel at 3:30am. We got up, dressed, and staggered over to the hotel lobby. After sitting around for about 30 minutes, we were told that it was a false alarm and that we could go back to our rooms.

Apart from the extra-early wake-up call, it was one of the most uneventful trips home in recent memory. Yay Boredom!!

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