I was at IHOP. I’d paid the bill and was powdering my nose before setting out for a long drive to Evansville. I was feeling a bit harried with some work stuff that wouldn’t wrap up and tried to check emails on my phone as I was “standing around.”

I felt a warm, wet feeling that told me that my aim was way off. 

The good news is that I was only 2 or 3 miles from home. If this happened a couple of hours later, then cleaning up and changing would have been more difficult. 

I called Pam to explain why I’d be an extra half hour late. There was much laughter. 

Corwin was home when I got there. I explained what had happened. There was more laughter. As we said our goodbyes, he said “Try not to piss yourself.” Good advice, really. 

It’s hard to avoid thinking that one should never get distracted at a urinal. It’s also hard to avoid thinking that I should’ve learned this before I was 57.

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