I’m pretty good with details about my work. For instance, I remember that the mainframe op code for MVC (MoVe Character) is hexadecimal D2. However, I’m useless when it comes to relaying information about family. 

I was chatting with one family member, let’s say Norman, who said that Oscar was “getting around.”

Later, Penny said that she expected to hear from the kids soon about Oscar starting to walk. Because I’d heard Norman say that Oscar was “getting around” I foolishly said “Norman tells me that Oscar is already walking.”

“What?! We have to find out that Oscar’s walking from Norman and not from Quintus and Rita!?”

At this point, I started feeling some self-doubt. Did Norman say “walking” or “getting around”?

Penny called Quintus: “I hear that Oscar is walking and we had to find out from Norman and not you.”

From Penny’s expression, my self-doubts were confirmed. Oscar was in fact “getting around” and not walking.

Could be a long flight to Rome. 

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