A few days ago, a tornado or two breezed thru the Grand Rapids area. Our house is on the opposite side of town from the tornado’s path so we weren’t affected.

Someone I know, let’s say Mortimer, was in the tornado’s projected path. Worse than that, he was visiting friends in a trailer park. (For those outside of north america: trailer parks are like magnets for tornadoes) The tornado missed the park ever so slightly but there were 4 downed trees in and around the area. None of these trees hit or even scratched the trailers.

Mortimer called me after the tornado had been and gone to say that there was no damage but no one was going anywhere since the downed trees had blocked all access to the roads. Mortimer was worried that he might be trapped for a while since repair crews were pretty busy.

A short while later, Mortimer called again to say that he was freed from the trailer park. The repair crews were still nowhere in sight, but the denizens of the trailer park were living up to their stereotypes. That is, everybody had a pickup truck with towing rig and at least one chainsaw. The mess was cleaned up in minutes.

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