carbonated drinks

I seem to have tripped over the soda/pop controversy. When I lived in Limeyland and the Great White North, everybody called carbonated drinks “pop” and peace reigned.

When we moved to Michigan, the natives also called carbonated drinks “pop” so we were still unaware of the controversy.

After travelling for work for a while, I found that some areas in the US call carbonated drinks “soda” and when you ask for a pop, they act as if you’ve done something to their mother. (These are the same kinds of morons who say things like “We don’t have accents.”)

If I’m in a non-Michigan state, I’ve taken to asking for a “soda, pop, or whatever you call it here.” I suppose that I could ask for a “carbonated drink” but that sounds awfully stilted, even for me. Usually, the locals figured out what I was trying to ask and just blamed it all on my “furrin” accent.

Recently, I was caught saying soda instead of pop in Michigan and caught some flak from someone who thought that I should know better. I did know better but I guess I’m getting lazy and really don’t care.

This did get me curious about who’s calling pop these different names. Google led me to which told me that the “soda” areas are, New England, the California/Nevada/Arizona area and the Missouri/Illinois area. The “pop” area is everywhere else north of the 36th parallel. For whatever reason, the rest of the south call carbonated drinks “coke” whether the drinks in question are Coke products or not. I guess Pepsi is a “coke”

That’s just stupid.


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