how to kill a trend 

I’ve never been much good at predicting trends. When I buy something new, it’s usually just before the death of that product.

Back in the VCR days, I got a Betamax because that was the clearly superior product to VHS. Betamax died shortly after that. 

I shelled out money for OS2/Warp because I thought it was a superior operating system to Windows. OS2/Warp died soon afterward. (It deserved it,too. I struggled for hours to get it to install, much less do anything remotely useful.)

Somewhere around 2004 or so I got an HD/DVD player. Please guess what happened to HD/DVD within minutes of me buying the darn thing. Yes, HD/DVD died. 

I’ve bought cargo pants and shorts lately because I find the extra pockets useful. Now I’m hearing that sales are down and we won’t see much more of them. 

I’m kinda surprised that Honda is still making cars. 

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