beauty contests 

Sometime back in the 70s, a father and son were watching a beauty contest.

Note: just to be clear, this isn’t about me or my dad. This is about an old friend of mine and his dad.

As you’d expect with a beauty contest, there were an awful of stunning women to be seen. However, the father and son thought that the woman who won was not up to the same standard as a lot of the other women.

In fact, when the son later told me this story, he said some very unkind and unfortunate things about the winner’s appearance.

At the time of the story, the son spoke at length about the injustice of it all and how unfair it was that this woman of lesser looks should win.

To mollify the son, or maybe to shut him up, the father offered an explanation: “Son, they can’t call them b**w job contests.”

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