“Wanted: Nascent Cat Ladies”

I was getting to know, let’s say, Lothar and he mentioned that he’d once had tenants. He was younger when he did this and he’d lived in the basement while he rented out the first floor.

A number of folks moved in and out and Lothar developed a feel for who he preferred and didn’t prefer as tenants.

Young guys were the worst. They tended to be noisy and shoutey and really needed to crank up the heavy metal at 3:00am. Basically living down to the stereotype of young males. 

Lothar didn’t mention older males.

He quickly found that attractive women were a problem. Not in themselves but they’d soon have boyfriends (see above) and would soon move out to move in with the boyfriend. It was the high turnover that Lothar didn’t like. 

Lothar’s favorite were unattractive women. There would be no boyfriends to come over and play heavy metal or take away Lothar’s tenant.

I wondered how you’d advertise for that kind of tenant. “Unattractive Women Wanted” seemed to be too “on the nose” to get the right applicants. 

It’s a great excuse to write “Wanted: Nascent Cat Ladies”

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