I don’t try to be a jerk, it just comes naturally. 

A gaggle of us at work were chatting about the weather. Jerry asked Kendra about the climate of her homeland, Turkey. Then Jerry asked where Turkey actually was because he had no idea.

One part of my mind was getting ready to tell another part of my mind to not even think of saying “Really?!” Unfortunately, that other part of my mind was too busy saying “Really?!” to notice.

Jerry was suddenly self-conscious and said something about not being much for geography. I tried to mitigate his embarrassment by pointing out my own failings with geography. I said “When I was about 5 or 6, I’d thought that Turkey was next door to Japan because someone said that Turkey was way off east.” I followed this with “But when I was 8 or 9, I looked at a map and saw where it really was.”

When I recounted this to Lewella, she said “You called Jerry stupid? Then you compared him to a 5 year old? And then you said he was dumber than an 8 year old?”

When she puts it that way, I sound like a jerk.

For those who’re interested, Turkey has a mixed climate. The part that’s near the Mediterranean Sea has a (cough) Mediterranean climate. That is, hot, dry summers and warm, wet winters. The further inland part of Turkey has more extreme seasons. 

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