will power

Lately, I’ve been trying to be more careful about what I eat. It’s been a struggle.

Folks at work keep dropping off donuts and bagels and pizza to share and it drives me mad. I usually combat this by making the rounds to let everyone else know that there is free food available. Some of these folks think I’m being thoughtful or nice but I’m just trying to get rid of the food before I start shoveling it down my throat.

The other night, we were at Ada Grill with a bunch of friends. Ada Grill has all sorts of things that I really should be avoiding. A headliner for me on their menu is their pub style fish and chips.

Mickey noticed that I’d resisted the appetizers that had been on the table and that I’d had a salad instead of any of the items that I’m supposed to be avoiding. He complimented my restraint and will power. 

I said that some times were better than others.

As if on cue, I noticed that Pam wasn’t finishing her pub style fish and chips. I grabbed the intact piece of fish and the remaining chips and ate them like a starved man. 

As I’d said, some times were better than others. 

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