encouraging Lulu

Lulu is starting to show her age (“Little Lu Lu. She’s no more than nine, plus two.”). I’ve noticed that she slows down after the first mile or so of her walks. I’ve found that when her pace becomes too glacial, she’ll pick up the pace if I face her as I walk backwards and call out words of encouragement.

This means that Lulu is walking very slowly, with me in front of her as I walk backwards and call out things like “C’mon girl!”, “You can do it!”, “Attagirl!”, and “Let’s go Lulu!”

Apparently, this is hilarious. The few times that my encouragement has been witnessed have been met with peals of laughter. I find this slightly embarrassing but not enough to want to wait for the slo-mo Lulu.

I’ve considered just dragging her on her back but I’m trying to get aerobic exercise, not anaerobic.

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