inside voice 

Someone I know, let’s say Link, was at a wedding recently with his family. One of his nieces was the bride. During the ceremony, he jokingly whispered to his wife, Mary, “Why’s she wearing white?”

Link’s daughter, Nancy, was on the other side of Mary and immediately looked aghast. “Dad!” she whispered alarmedly. 

At the same instant, three of Nick’s other nieces who were sitting two rows in front of him all turned their heads so fast that Link thought that they could hurt their necks. They looked pained and angry but Link didn’t think that their necks were the the problem. 

Link soon realized that his inside voice carried through a lot more of the church than he’d wanted. 

It was a 25 minute drive from the wedding to the reception. Link’s kids rode with someone else so it was just Link and Mary in the car. Mary delivered a monologue to Link about how unhappy she was with him for the entire drive. 

At the reception, Link found that his table was front and center from the bridal table. Link had hoped that he’d be in a more discreet locale given the steely-eyed glares that he was getting. 

After a while, he stepped outside to warm up. It was 40 degrees outside but not as chilly as the reception. 

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