Folks in my family have often been called “Squires” instead of “Squire”. Sometimes it’s correct because the speaker is referring to more than one of us. Usually it’s incorrect and the speaker just isn’t paying attention.

Most of us Squires (see! plural!) have gotten used to it, but I’m not aware of any of us who like it.

There are some folks who really do have a last name of Squires, but I’ve not personally met any of them. In the times that I’ve checked directories, the “Squires” name usually outnumbers “Squire” but not significantly.

I’ve had phases where I’d try to correct folks but it usually ended up with me looking like a pompous Richard. I’ve had phases where I’d pluralize the speaker’s last name. If Billy Smith called me Squires, I’d call him Smiths. This usually got me a blank look. I’d explain how Billy had misused my name then Billy and whoever else was around would think that I was the jerk for pointing that out.

When planning this post, Pam told me that she sometimes uses something that I used to say: “No S on the end. There’s just one of me.” She says it nicer than I did though.


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