I prefer functional watches over pretty ones. Pam has tried getting me fancy-schmancy watches but I soon start slobbering over the features of some really cheap watch.

The feature that I most look for is the “self-setting” one. Left to myself, I’ll spend several minutes per day making sure that my watch is accurate to the second. I much prefer that the watch do this instead of me.

Unfortunately, the watches that do this cost about 20-40 dollars. Often with the letters “CASIO” emblazoned on it to remove all doubt that this was a cheap watch.

I recently had the need to get a heart monitor. After looking around, I got an Apple Watch™ because it has a heart monitor and the other heart monitors seemed pretty limited for their price. It didn’t hurt that it was on sale at Target.

Now I finally have a really expensive watch with the all-important self-setting feature. At least it looks as cheap as my old $20 Casio.

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