more about the mouse’s memoirs

A while back, I posted about my book (memoirs of a mouse). The story continues…

I figured that I’d like to give away a few copies of the book, so I asked Beth to have a 4 or 5 printed for me. I handed copies out to folks who’d asked for one and some to folks who hadn’t.

I also sent a copy to Dad since this is the kind of thing he likes. When I sent Dad’s book, I also printed a copy of memoirs of a mouse to go with it so that he’d know how the book came to be.

Dad liked the book. He wrote back suggesting that I send copies to my siblings and their families.

I felt kinda awkward about this since it seemed that I was bragging and patting my own back. I asked Beth for more copies of the book. She sent them to me and then I forwarded them to my siblings and their families. I included printed copies of memoirs of a mouse and the following note:

I’ve attached a post explaining the origins of this book.
I sent a copy of it to Dad who suggested that the rest of the family would like copies. I feel kinda awkward about it since it seems kinda “Look at me! Gosh, I’m great.”
Pam tells me that I’m being stupid and should send it out.
If you like it, then I’m glad.
If you don’t, please blame Dad and Pam.


Man of letters
Author Extraordinaire

Luckily, the book seems to be a hit. I’ve gotten some very nice feedback. One of my brothers had been in a similar situation where Dad insisted that his own writings and understood my concerns about self-promotion.

Maybe Dad knows what he’s talking about?

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