is it Steve or Stephen?

I get asked this a lot when I meet people. I usually say “Yes” because I’m fine with either.

In the mid-nineties, my manager insisted that I pick one name or the other. He wouldn’t take “either” for an answer. So I picked a name to shut him up. Then the name took a life of its own. I’d overhear folks saying “No, no, don’t call him that name, call him the other one.”

After a couple of years, I found myself getting caught up in this and getting offended if someone called me by the “wrong” name.

I brought all that to a stop when I heard myself introduce myself to someone on the phone and used the “wrong” name. Now, I’m back to saying “Yes” when asked “Is it Steve or Stephen?”

But not Steffen! That’s just nutty.

other steve stuff

I’m used to folks complaining that it doesn’t make sense to use “ph” for the “v” sound. I remember other kids at school complaining about it before we’d learned that “ph” was allowed to make “f” sounds, not that it helped explain the “v” sound. “Waddaya mean. There’s no ‘p’ sound! You must be stupid.”

I’ve gotten used to it though and “Steven” just looks wrong if it’s supposed to be my name. It’s OK for other Steves, but it’s not my thing.

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