new cards 

In today’s mail, I received an envelope labeled 


There was no other indication of its nature or origin. I thought that this could be anything. New credit cards or benefits ID cards. I opened the envelope and took a look. 

The cards were offers to join AARP. For those who don’t know, AARP is the American Association of Retired Persons. Basically, it’s a lobby that advocates taxing the young for the benefit of the old. 

Folks can join AARP after they turn 50 but AARP has been inviting me to join since I turned 40. Pam has been offended by these offers for one reason or another. 

Left to myself, I’d just toss these things into the recycling. However, Pam seems to get a special delight from shredding them. 

I’ll leave them for her. 

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