We have a sliding glass door that lets us out to the deck and the back yard.
Amongst other things, we use it to let the dogs in and out of the back yard.
The dogs were on the deck and were excitedly sticking their noses in a pile of leaves.
This was just outside the glass door so I could get a good look.
I was curious about why the dogs were so excited.
As I was peering out, I saw a flash of fur.
I thought, “Darn it! The dogs found a dead squirrel. How do I take care of this?”

I looked some more. I saw that they were nosing a bunny.

Then I saw that they weren’t nosing it, they were chewing on it.

Then I saw that the bunny was alive and trying to move.

Now what?
I was trying to figure out what to do about this but all of the answers involved being near the bunny.

I came up with a plan. I then broke the plan into steps and figured that I’d do the steps that didn’t involve the bunny first.
I needed to get the dogs away from the bunny because they weren’t going to help.
I got some doggy treats and lured the dogs away from the bunny and into their crates.
The tricky bit was getting the dogs to drop the bunny while following the treats but that went OK.

Now what?
If the bunny was dead, then I’d give it a Christian burial with full honors. Or toss it in a trash bag and into the dumpster.
If the was bunny wasn’t dead… Finish the job?
I grabbed a trash bag and a shovel and spade and went to check the bunny.

It was still and its eyes were closed. Dead? Or biding its time, waiting for me to get close and it would start begging for its life like Joe Pesci in Casino?

No. It was dead.
I used the spade to shove the bunny onto the shovel.
The bunny moved but it was still dead.
I put the trash bag on the shovel, upturned the shovel, tied up the trash bag, tossed the bag into dumpster and tried to not think about bunnies

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