Cooper shows an interest in golf

We have a huge Golden Retriever named Cooper.
By huge, I mean that he usually weighs around 100 pounds.
He’s pretty bloody-minded for a Golden in that he’s pretty selective about his hearing.
I suspect that his hearing is fine. He just won’t do what you tell him if he doesn’t want to.

The other night, someone came to the door and both of our dogs ran out past him.
Lulu turned around so that she could try to intimidate our guest.
Cooper ran off into the dark night down the street.

I was pretty sure that Cooper would soon be back if he wasn’t killed first.
I stayed to deal with our guest (new carpet is on order) and by the time we were finished, Cooper returned.

Cooper had something in his mouth.
This had me worried since I’m not usually a fan of Cooper’s tastes. (
I tried to look more closely, but it was pretty dark out.
I tentatively reached for whatever it was with my hand.
No fur! Whew!
It felt like some kind of artificial material.

I got it out of Cooper’s mouth and took it into the light.
Cooper followed with an annoyed/expectant look on his face.
‘It’ was actually 3 golf club head covers, numbers 2, 3 and 5.

Now I have to figure out who these belong to and come up with an explanation that won’t get me outcast from the neighborhood.

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