cheshire dog

One morning, as I was drying myself off with a towel from my shower, I heard Lulu’s dog tags rattling.
Lulu is a smallish (40 pounds or so) black pit bull mix.
I was in the bedroom and the sun hadn’t risen.
The only light was from the hallway and the while the light-colored carpet was bright, the rest of the room was pretty dark.
I could hear Lulu OK but I’d no idea where she was.
As I was puzzling this out, I was staring blankly at the charcoal-grey bedspread.

I then noticed that a pair of disembodied eyes were staring back at me.
I’m not used to the bedspread staring back at me.
After some consternation on my part, my eyes adjusted some more to the dark and I could distinguish Lulu’s black fur from the charcoal-grey bedspread.
I was happy to realize that I was looking at Lulu on the bed and not some floating eyed creature thingy.

Then I remembered that we don’t allow dogs on the bed and chased her off.

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