finding a bandaid

I was at work and I needed a bandaid. I asked the department’s assistant where the bandaids were. She said to try the kitchens. I checked both kitchens and came up empty.

I went back to the assistant who said that she’d have to restock but was in the middle of something more pressing. Since my blood wasn’t squirting across the room or anything I let her go and went to try the next building over.

The next building’s kitchens were also bandaid free, so I asked that department’s assistant for help. She asked “Are you sure that you didn’t see any bandaids there?”

I said “I’m sure, but I’m a guy looking for stuff in a kitchen. I’ve been told that I can’t find things in front of my nose.”

The assistant checked and confirmed that there were no bandaids in the kitchen. She then went to one of the supply closets and produced a box of bandaids.

Success! Almost. The bandaids in the box were either the weird looking X-shaped ones or the ones that are suitable for head wounds. There were no simple half inch by two inch bandaids that everyone thinks of when they think of bandaids.

The assistant then went to yet another hidey-hole and found another box with “normal” bandaids.

When I mentioned this to Corwin, I said that I really wasn’t expecting this to be such a big production.

Corwin laughed. He explained that when I mentioned that it was a big production, he thought about a big Broadway play type of production.

I said “Yeah. ‘Steve Squire’ in ‘Finding a Bandaid’.

Then I thought, “No! How about this?”

Steve Squire
“Finding a Bandaid”

Maybe it’ll be a musical?

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