Dad recently told me about some difficulties that he’d had trying to return something to Crappy Tire (a huge Canuck retail store). No matter how much he insisted, they refused to accept the return.

At least they were nice enough to suggest that he’d have more success if he tried to return the item to Walmart since that’s where he bought it.

This reminded me of an experience of mine that involved a return going sideways.

We’d bought a few crappy (no relation) little flagpoles for a party that we were having for Barney. I was told that bits of one flagpole wouldn’t fit together so it was pretty useless. I was asked to return it.

The manager at the flagpole storedidn’t want anything to do with this. He said that the flagpole was obviously used and all sh1tted up and he wasn’t taking it back.

I said “What do you mean? We only took it out, saw that it wasn’t usable, and brought it back.”

This went back and forth and voices started rising. I was getting pretty indignant since I had right on my side. The manager eventually relented and refunded our money.

A few months later, I mentioned this to Barney. Barney was surprised. “They took it back? I’d been banging on it and hammering it into the ground and basically sh1tting all over it.”

That wasn’t the story that I’d gotten when I was asked to return it. I’d been told that the flagpole wasn’t working but was otherwise pristine. 

I realized that while I’d been asking to return a defective item, the manager was watching me demanding that he pay me for a beat up old flagpole. 

I wondered how much insisting I would have done if the manager hadn’t relented. I also wondered how stupid I’d’ve felt if the manager had shown me just how sh1tted up the flagpole was. 

I feel a bit sheepish about this now.

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