fractal software 

A couple of decades ago, I was introduced to fractals (thanks Monica). A feature of fractals is that it’s difficult to tell what scale you’re looking at. That is, if you see a fractal pattern through a microscope at x200 magnification, you will also see a fractal pattern at x20, or x2000. Sometimes, it’ll be the same fractal pattern.

I was reminded of this when I was trying to create a plan to upgrade <software product>. I went to <software product>’s support site to find instructions to successfully upgrade <software product>. In the past, we’ve found that not following instructions will get you a doorstop instead of a successfully upgraded computer.

Initially, the instructions seemed clear enough: follow the 13 steps and you’re done. Easy-peasy.

Then I looked more closely and saw that some of the steps referred me to another set of instructions. These new instructions also seemed clear enough: follow the 11 steps and you’re done. Easy-peasy.

I then looked more closely at these newer instructions and again some of them pointed to still more instructions. This is what reminded me of fractals. 

I’ve heard of the term “fractal software” but I’m pretty sure that this isn’t it. 

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