don’t get weird 

People of Earth is a sitcom about some folks who’d been abducted by aliens in a small New York town. They go to a support group (“Star Crossed”) to try to get over it. (“We call ourselves ‘experiencers’ because it gives us some agency.”)

The pilot opens with Ozzie driving at night through the small town of Beacon, NY. He hears someone talking to him: “Uhh. Hi. Ozzie?” It’s a deer in the front passenger seat that’s taking. “Don’t get weird, but you’re about to hit a deer.”

I’d heard good things about this show but watching a talking deer in a car telling someone to not get weird made me fall in love with it.

It’s tempting to write about some of the other great bits in this show because I like to write funny stuff but I can’t do it justice.

The members of the support group are (mostly) adorable in their own weird ways. The group includes a guy who hasn’t been abducted (“experiencers” be damned) but really, really wants to be.

<SPOILER ALERT> There are aliens in the show.

The aliens are incompetent, or a55holes, or both.

It wasn’t easy to find a way to watch this show. It’d come and gone by the time I’d decided to watch it. TBS’s streaming service and cable’s on-demand services will sometimes carry the first 5 of 10 episodes and then carry the last 5. I’m hoping that it gets easier.

Maybe TBS got weird

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