security breach

A few days ago at work, I got an email from YazminCo thanking me for my payment. The email also had a PDF attachment of the details. I’ve never heard of YazminCo so I got worried. It felt like another phishing scheme to get me to click of the PDF which would probably sh*t all over my computer and steal all of my credit card info and ruin my life.

Instead I clicked on the handy “phishing alert” button so that the security folks could serve up a well deserved can of whoop-ass on these miscreants and I went back to work.

I was still unsure about the whole thing though. I googled YazminCo and found that they were a local company. I then called Pam and asked if she’d heard of them. She had. Apparently, they manage some of the benefits from both of our employers. Still, I hadn’t paid them anything so I wasn’t going to open that PDF file of theirs.

A day or so later, I got an email from our security folks telling me that the email from YazminCo was legit. Work’s fitness center had processed a payment from me and then sent information to YazminCo who then sent the receipt.

Okay, that sorta fit. I had paid the fitness center for some personal training 7-8 months ago.

As I thought about it more, I realized that I’d only paid $40 or $60 for the lessons. The receipt was for a lot more than that. I started to worry that someone was abusing my payment information to bilk me for a lot more.

I considered the best to approach YazminCo about this. I knew that a polite, “Come, let us reason together” approach would be best. Another, darker part of me wanted to grab someone’s throat and shout “Gimme back my fu*king money!” I decided to wait a bit. 

Shortly after that, it was my birthday. One of the gifts from Pam was a voucher for several personal training sessions with work’s fitness center. The penny dropped: the receipt from YazminCo was for these. Pam had sworn the fitness center folks to secrecy but they hadn’t told YazminCo about that.

At least I hadn’t told anyone to gimme back my fu*king money.

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