thanksgiving 2016

For thanksgiving, we’d planned on  traipsing over to Evansville for the family feast. A couple of days before the trip, we’d heard that one of the Evansville contingent had had a stomach bug. However, by the time we were to start driving, we heard that it wasn’t a stomach bug after all and that it was safe to go.

We arrived around 2:00am on Thanksgiving day. As we were heading to bed, the youngest grandkid threw up.

The following morning, we reviewed our options. The last time that we stayed while the kids had a stomach bug, Pam was sick on the drive back. The memory of Pam throwing up on Indianapolis (not a typo. I meant “on”) was still pretty fresh in my mind.

We had no way of knowing if we were already infected. The bug was supposed to have an incubation period of a couple of days. If we hurried, then we could throw up at home instead of in the car.

Morgan’s advice could be summarized as “Save yourselves! Get out while you can.”

Since the kids’ house was under lock-down until the plague was over, Corwin and I figured that we should head home and count our losses.

Pam was having nothing to do with this. She would still be able to hang out with Becky and share in the Black Friday shopping madness.

Corwin and I drove home on Thanksgiving day. We stopped at a Steak & Shake drive-thru at dinner time for a Thanksgiving feast of a burger, fries, and a pop. Pam stayed behind. She and Becky had their Thanksgiving feast at McDonalds.

Over the next few days, the family in Evansville puked their guts out except for Becky and Pam. Becky stayed at a hotel until the vomit storm passed. Pam drove home on Sunday without any stomach bugs

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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