escape room 

When planning a trip to visit friends in the Detroit area, Pam asked if I’d like to try an escape room. I asked “What are you talking about?”

An escape room is where they lock a bunch of players in a room and the players are stuck in there until they solve the puzzles in the room to get out. 

 I wasn’t too impressed with this but Pam wanted to go and I’ve found that I often enjoy things that initially sounded stupid or awful. 

The four of us went to The Escape Room just north of Sterling Heights. The staff explained that we wouldn’t really be locked up because they aren’t trying to trigger claustrophobic panic attacks. If you leave without solving the puzzles, then you lose. 

We started exploring the room independently, letting each other know when we found anything. We found keys, flasks, plexiglass sheets with lines on them, and other oddities. 

The keys opened boxes that revealed more clues. Some clues were poems with cryptic meanings. Other clues were bits of jigsaw puzzles. 

When we got hopelessly lost, the monitor would beep and show a more explicit hint. 

We spent an hour trying to get out of there. When our time ran out, I was expecting someone to come in and say “Get out, losers.” Someone did come but instead of calling us losers, she said that we’d done fairly well and helped us figure out the rest of the puzzles. 

We were out in another 15 minutes and then they took a picture of our smiling faces. 

All this proves that I’m better off denying my impulses to avoid new things and to let Pam have her way. Just don’t tell her or I’ll never hear the end of it. 

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