A while back, I’d passed a storefront that was full of tshirts emblazoned with superhero logos. I never felt comfortable with those. As a kid, my favorite superhero was Superman. I never wanted to wear a shirt with the Superman logo because it felt like that was a tough image to live up to. 

These days, my favorite comic book hero is Sandman from Neil Gaiman’s series. I thought, “Yes! I’d be comfortable wearing a shirt with Sandman on it.”

I hunted through Amazon, found a shirt with an adequate depiction of Gaiman’s Sandman, and ordered it. 

To no one’s surprise, no one has recognized the Sandman on my shirt. 

Today though, someone came up to me and said “Great shirt! Is that Arglfargle?” (I’ve no idea what he actually said.)

I explained briefly about Gaiman’s Sandman but the man was unconvinced. He pointed at the top of the drawing and said “They must have been influenced by Arglfargle because this is definitely Arglfargle’s icon” or something. 

I guess I’ll never know. 

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