Lucy and me

As we wandered around ArtPrize, Pam and I found a kiosk that was set up like Lucy’s “Psychiatric Help 5¢” booth in the Peanuts comic. This had nothing to do with ArtPrize and was advertising some upcoming show or performance.

It was set up so that you could sit like Lucy in the booth and have your picture taken.

We stood for a while and watched other folks get their pictures taken. Most of these folks were smiling happily and one even held up a peace sign. This seemed wrong but I couldn’t figure out why.

We walked off to the rest of ArtPrize and I puzzled over what I thought was wrong with the pictures that folks were taking. I’d walk along, stop, and look back at the kiosk.

I finally figured out what was wrong. Lucy was never smiling at the kiosk, or at all. Lucy was always pretty miserable. She never smiled and certainly never held up a peace sign.

Now that I knew what was wrong, I felt that I had to take a picture the “right” way.

I got behind the kiosk, posed as I’ve often seen Lucy pose at her kiosk, and Pam took the picture.

All is now right with the world.

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