why block betas but not the other Greek letters 

I had to make a number of changes after having a heart attack. One change was to take different, presumably more effective, blood pressure drugs. 

Another change was to exercise more than I had been. I’d been walking the dog(s) daily for an hour or so since 2001 and we dance often enough. 

“That’s not enough” said my cardiologist. “You need to be profusely sweating for half an hour every day.” Later he said “Your heart rate needs to be 140-150 BPM for 45-60 minutes 5-7 times a week.”

That seemed like a lot. 

I tried to keep up that pace. I didn’t want to drop dead or anything. Pam wouldn’t stand for it. She’d be pissed if I tried that. 

Getting my ticker up to 140 was a hell of a slog. I’d be on the treadmill or elliptical machine trying to find a pace that a) got my ticker to 140 and b) I could maintain for 45 minutes. 

It wasn’t coming easy. I was getting sorta bummed that I couldn’t keep up the pace that I needed to get to. I was having a tough time maintaining my sunny disposition about this. 

When I last went to the cardiologist’s office, I mentioned to the PA my woes with getting my ticker rate up.

She looked nonplussed. “That’s never gonna happen. We’ve got you on beta blockers. Their job is to keep your heart rate down. Any exercise that gets you sweating is good enough.”


I wish I’d known this sooner. 

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