chickens and eggs 

I was having lunch with Pam a few days ago. Near us was a table with 4 folks in their twenties, 2 men, 2 women.

I found myself hearing one of the men: “… I know that eggs come from chickens, I just don’t know which orifice. I meant, do they shit them out?”

The other 3 weren’t complaining but it was apparent that they weren’t interested in pursuing this conversation. At least the women weren’t. If this was flirting, then he was doing it wrong. It certainly didn’t seem like polite mealtime conversation.

This caused me to look it up later. It seems that our lunchtime inquirer was closer than I’d realized. According to the internet, there’s an oviduct, a cloaca, and things going inside out. None of this made me more interested in eating eggs.

Luckily, because of mental compartmentalization, I can keep eating eggs anyway.

All of this reminded me that chickens have only been around for a few dozen million years while eggs have been around for hundreds of millions of years. Eggs came way before the chickens.

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