I was driving Secret Agent One and myself to IHOP to have breakfast with Secret Agent Two. Secret Agent Two got there ahead of us and had texted us both that he’d gotten a table for us. 

After breakfast, I was driving Secret Agent One and myself home. Secret Agent One was fiddling with her phone and I heard the sound that meant that she’d sent a text. 

Within seconds, my phone made the sound that meant that I’d gotten a text. I said “I just got a text.”

Secret Agent One gasped. “What!? Don’t look at it! I must’ve replied to the group text instead of Secret Agent Two. How do I unsend a text?”

I considered being a jerk and leading her on with false answers and looking at this mysterious text. However, I was also about to spend the weekend traveling with her and decided to not risk it. 

Instead, I handed Secret Agent One my phone and said “You can’t. You have to delete it from my phone.”

When we met Secret Agent Two at our house, he told Secret Agent One “You should never have secrets.”

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