Pam laughs at the way that I make breakfast.

I like to eat melted cheese on toast for breakfast. I like the taste of cheddar cheese slices when they’ve been melted. In an effort to avoid getting melted cheese all over the bottom of the toaster oven, I cut off the bits of cheese that hang over the edge of the toast and cut out areas of cheese which would fall through holes in the bread..

This leaves me with some odd shapes of cheese that I use to fill in other areas of the bread that aren’t covered with cheese. This can look sorta like a Tangram puzzle except that I get to cut some of the shapes.

This morning, Pam came by to tell me something as I prepared this. As she spoke, I was fiddling with progressively smaller bits of cheese. OK, some of these bits were getting pretty small. After watching this, she had to stop talking because she was laughing so hard.

As she walked away, she said “I can’t believe you’re doing that!”

I replied “Really? It’s been 38 years.”

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