losing stuff

I’ve noticed that I seem to forget things more as I get older. I often struggle to find words that I already know, and names that I already know and things that I know I just had in my hand.

Just the other day, I lost my watch. I clearly remembered taking it off when I washed the dishes and I hadn’t seen it since. I was getting pretty upset with myself for losing the watch and searched the house a couple of times. Pam searched too, to no avail, in case this was another case of “guy blindness”.

I spent the next day at work feeling naked without a watch. I had to check my phone for the time like an animal.

When I got home, I found a package on the porch and went to collect it. A few feet from the package, on the floor of the porch, was my watch. I’d slipped and fallen and landed on my left forearm the previous night. (teakettles) That must have been enough to knock the watch off my wrist.

Maybe I’m not losing it after all.


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