When our first grandchild Hazel was born, we picked names that our grandkids should call us. I picked grandad and Pam picked nana.

I thought Pam’s choice was kinda odd for two reasons. The first one was that I’d never heard of anyone’s grandmother being called that in North America.

The other reason was nana is what I called my grandmother when I was a kid. Odder still is that Pam didn’t know that.

Pam is off in Evansville visiting grandkids. We were talking on the phone when she said that she’d arrived at the kids’ and grandkids’ place and said goodbye.

Because she was about to play grandmother, I said “Goodbye Nana.”


My grandmother’s image popped into my head. Most of my memories of my grandmother are from the time that I lived in England and she was in her 50s. Which is my current age but the image in my head is of a little old lady. 

Calling Pam nana just felt awful and wrong and awful. <shudder>.

I’m not gonna do that again.


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