’twas the night of Thanksgiving…

…when my phone rang. It was 11:40pm and I was recovering from too much dinner. I was babysitting my grandkids, Morgan was working, and everyone else was “Black Friday” shopping. I thought that this call would be the relief team. It wasn’t. It was work calling.

“Oh <naughty word>” I thought.

The fine folks at work told me that our network had had a hiccup and that the AM and FM applications weren’t working. These applications were ones that I supported.

I said “That’s unfortunate. I’m babysitting and can’t go anywhere. My laptop is resting comfortably somewhere else.” Even though I was babysitting at Morgan and Beth’s, we were staying at Becky’s. My laptop was uselessly in my backpack by my luggage over there. 

We discussed whether someone else, like the person who really was on-call, could do the fixing. Unfortunately, I knew these systems best and I didn’t know yet how to fix them. I didn’t feel good about palming the problem onto someone else. I eventually said that I’d figure out a way to get the laptop in the next hour or so.

I called Pam and explained that work called and that I needed someone to get my laptop.

Pam said “Why? You’re not on call.” Pam had a very good point but I’d already burnt that bridge.

Rather than interrupt Black Friday shopping, Pam called Morgan who was just about to finish his shift. She asked him if he could get the laptop and get it to me.

Even that couldn’t work out. Morgan didn’t have a key to the place where my laptop was resting comfortably. 

Luckily, Pam and company did have a key. They drove over to Morgan’s work to give him the key so that he could get the laptop so that he could give it to me so that I could fix the problems. 

Morgan got home from work with the laptop around 1:00am. He kept me company for a while but I wasn’t doing much conversation as I waded through the labyrinth of the applications. 

Beth got home from shopping around 3:00am. By then, I’d fixed AM and was wading through the charred remains of the FM application. Beth and Morgan went to bed shortly after 3:30am. 

By 5:50, my coworkers and I were patting our backs for fixing the FM application and I drove over to Becky’s to finally sleep. 

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