does it to me all the time 

I was chatting with someone I’d known for years but not very well. It was part of some group activity and we were in a restaurant/bar kinda place. Quintessa apparently had seen Pam and me dancing at one point or other and was saying nice things about it to the man on the other side of her. 

At that point, this man reached around Quintessa to shake my hand and say “Hi. I’m Ralph.”

Quintessa looked embarrassed and said “I thought you’d already met.”

“No. This is the first time we’ve seen each other.”

It took Ralph and me a few tries to convince Quintessa that we’d never met but she eventually accepted it. 

I said to Ralph, “Not to worry. My wife does this to me all the time.”

Ralph threw his head back and laughed. Quintessa looked sheepish. My guess is that this wasn’t a first for him either. 

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