getting attention

At work today, I found that I needed to talk to a coworker. Let’s call him Peter. I walked over to Peter’s cube. Peter had his back to me and he was doing things with his computer. He looked very busy. He also had earbuds shoved down his ear canals to block out distractions suck as background noise and coworkers.

I called his name and he didn’t react. Then, I knocked on his cube wall but Peter still didn’t react. I tried calling his name even louder and got the same lack of results.

The first alternative that I thought was to walk into Peter’s cube and tap his shoulder. That seemed kinda creepy so I looked for other options. Shaking him by the throat was also not an option.

I figured that I could phone him. I didn’t know Peter’s number and it wasn’t in my phone’s contacts so I looked him up in the company’s online directory . I then called Peter’s desk phone.

Peter’s phone started ringing and he looked over at it. He looked puzzled, probably because he didn’t recognize my phone number on the caller ID. As he was puzzling over that, he removed one of the earbuds.

My chance! I called to him”Behind you!” Then we had the conversation that I needed.

I’m sure that there’s an easier way.



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