“I’ve never seen you like this”

Corwin has done some work with Daniel who has a repair and refurbish business for Apple products. Pam and I went to Daniel’s store, Fortitude, on it’s opening day. 

I’d recently bought my first Apple computer, a Mac Mini, and was still exploring it. I was using a mouse and keyboard from my Intel computers and was looking to use Apple peripherals instead.

Daniel showed me a couple of older, wired samples. “Meh”, I said. Then he brought out a Bluetooth mouse. It was much cooler. “Yeah. I’ll take that one. Do you have any Bluetooth keyboards?” He did and I said I’d take that too. 

“Oh!” I said, as I grabbed a lightning cable, “Can’t have too many of these.”

From Pam’s direction, I heard “I’ve never seen you like this.” 

At first, her tone sounded like she’d caught me doing something sordid and not buying computer accessories. Then I saw that she was smiling. I guess I was acting the way that she acts when she shops for something that she really wants. 

We’re still learning about each other after 37 years. 

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