farmers markets

Over the past few years, Pam’s been talking about farmers markets. Apparently they have fresh food and low prices.

Pam recently discovered that the farmers market in Ada that she’s been going to is pricier than most. Her guess is that the farmers in question figure that if you’re in Ada, then you want to pay more than other folks.

I said “In that case, you should go to the farmers market at Wealthy and Division.” I said this because that’s a really sh1tty neighborhood. Of course, there may be extra costs with the muggings so you’ll have to do the math.

Pam almost choked. The farmers market that she’s thinking of is near Wealthy and Division. Pam couldn’t imagine that I’d know where farmers markets were. She’s right of course. I had no idea.

Hopefully, this is in a mugging reduced area.

Note for grammarians: I agonized about whether to call this “farmers markets”, “farmer’s markets”, or “farmers’ markets”. I was leaning toward “farmers’ markets” but I figured that I’d google it first. Apparently, this is another hotbed for debate about the plight of the oppressed working farmers. I stopped giving a sh1t long before I finished any articles on the subject.

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