I wasn’t looking forward to Sunday. It had been decided that we’d spend Sunday morning working on updating operating system and database software. Sunday morning was picked because most of our customers aren’t working on Sunday mornings.

Usually, we’ve been doing this sort of thing from 6:00am until noon. This time, it was decided that 4:00am would be better. At least we can all do this from home.

I set my phone alarm for 3:00am and I set my bedside alarm clock for 3:15am. My phone went off at 3:00am. I stared blankly at it and turned it off. My bedside alarm clock went off at 3:15am. I stared blankly at it and turned it off. I stumbled out of bed and staggered to the basement where I keep my pile of computer stuff.

I dialed into work and shut off the software so that the operating system and database guys could do whatever it was that they were doing. This kept me moderately busy until about 4:45am.

I was contemplating when I should do my next set of tasks. At this point, I couldn’t help notice that I couldn’t see anything except the lights on my laptop which had switched to its battery. The only sound was the AC fan slowing to a stop.

I opened up my laptop (I’d been using the fancy schmancy monitor that was now as dark as the rest of the house) and saw that my computer work was still there. Unfortunately, the computer work was telling me that I’d been disconnected from work. This was because of the now-dark router that had been providing internet access.

I turned on the flashlight on my phone and walked over to the circuit box. Everything looked OK. I then went to the living room and looked outside. On one side everything looked normal with street lights illuminated and one or two porch lights. On the other, it was black as a politician’s heart. I felt better that it wasn’t just our house but I couldn’t see how that helped.

I called work and asked them to contact the folks who I’d been working with and let them know that I’d by finishing from my office/pathetic cube.

I got dressed by the light of my phone. It occurred to Pam and me that we had no idea what colors I was picking. It’d be interesting to see what this looked like in daylight.

When I got to work and turned on the office lights, I saw that I was wearing brown running shoes, tan pants, and a dark grey tshirt. “Meh,” I thought. “I’ve chosen worse with daylight.”

When Pam saw me later, she said “Oh no! People can definitely tell that you dressed in the dark.”

Fashion assessments aside, I kept working until about noon. By which time, the https://www.consumersenergy.com/outagemap told me that that power had been restored.

I’ll go see if it’s right.

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