who died?

It’s been a while since I’ve had to wear a tie at work. They went to a “business casual” dress code in the late nineties.

Whenever anyone wore a suit and tie since then, the standard questions have been along the lines of “who died?” I’ve often asked it myself. 

When a close friend of mine died, I found myself in a suit and tie at work on the day of his funeral. And of course, I was asked “who died?”

I couldn’t make myself just say “Mike”. For one thing, it would’ve been pretty harsh and blunt and I didn’t wanna sh1t all over the guy asking the question. For another, everything that I’d been thinking about death and Mike and such was trying to get out and and I didn’t want it to. For another another, my voice wasn’t working. So I said nothing. 

Fortunately, my friend Mark saw what was happening, elbowed the questioner, and whispered something to him that I didn’t hear. At least the questions stopped. 

So I stopped asking folks “who died?”

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