kwin-owa is really keen-wa

Pam and I were at P. F. Chang’s trying to figure out what to eat. One of the items was “Rainbow Quinoa”. The menu said that it was a superfood. I asked Pam “What’s Rainbow Kwin-owa?”

Pam said “Keen-wa is a type of grain.”

That didn’t tell me much but at least I know how to pronounce it.

The menu suggested quinoa as a substitute for rice. I decided to try it. How bad could it be?

What arrived with the rest of the order was a bowl of black, brown, and beige tiny pellets. I noted that I’ve never seen a rainbow with these colors. The texture reminded me of uncooked rice but softer. It wasn’t nasty but, it wasn’t pleasant either. 

If it’s a superfood then appearance and taste aren’t amongst its super powers.

Better than kale though. That stuff’s nasty. 

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