squirrel feeders

Someone I know, let’s call her Henrietta, wanted to have a bird feeder outside her living room window so that she could look at the birds. She bought a basic bird feeder, loaded it with bird food and waited in her living room to see the birds feeding.

A couple of birds came by and fed off the feeder. Henrietta was delighted. When she looked a few hours later, she found that the bird food was all gone. This puzzled Henrietta. She hadn’t seen that many birds at the feeder and they ate like birds (sorry).

Henrietta loaded up the bird feeder again and the food was soon gone again. After this was repeated a few times, she found squirrels crawling over the bird feeder stuffing their faces.

Henrietta knocked on the living room window and this caused the squirrels to run away. This was also repeated but Henrietta knew that she couldn’t always be there to chase away the squirrels from the bird food. The squirrels were getting fatter and the birds weren’t feeding in front of the living room window.

Henrietta tried using additives that were supposed to be repugnant to squirrels but not birds. She never found any that would make the squirrels stay away.

Henrietta then tried buying “squirrel proof” bird feeders. She found that these would slow down the squirrels but the squirrels would soon empty the feeder anyway.

She’s looked at even more complex bird feeders. One was battery powered and when anything weighing as much as a squirrel rested on it, it would spin rapidly to throw it off. The thought of watching squirrels thrown from the bird feeder pleased Henrietta but she thought that the device wouldn’t last long.

Henrietta’s current bird feeder is keeping the squirrels off so far but she sees the squirrels studying and testing ways to get the food. (Imagine squirrels with construction helmets and safety glasses studying architectural diagrams of the bird feeder)

I suspect that it’s only a matter of time.


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