dove bars

I’ve been told to write a post about dove bars.

Since I found out that I need to be careful with carbs, I’ve been paying more attention to what I eat. This has caused some concern when it comes to desserts. Pam had found some “healthy” desserts that didn’t have too many carbs and didn’t taste too much like chalk.

A while after that, I noticed that dove bars actually have fewer carbs than the “healthy” desserts and they taste entirely unlike chalk. It seemed improbable, but the numbers were there. Since then, dove bars have become our dessert of choice when we’re home.

Tonight, Pam ran into “Yvonne” at the grocery store. Pam’s basket had milk, a variety of cheeses, a couple of boxes of dove bars, lettuce and spinach. “My god! Look at all of those dove bars,” exclaimed Yvonne. Pam then explained our reasoning. This is when they decided that I needed to write this.

I don’t care. I’m sticking with the dove bars.

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