carrot cake

I like carrot cake a lot. It’s moist and has a lot of sweet things in it. It also has a cream cheese icing that I love. I have no willpower at all when I’m near this stuff.

At Panera, they have carrot cake muffins. The muffins are just like muffin-shaped carrot cakes but with about a couple of ccs of cream cheese icing injected into the middle. I cannot walk past them. I’ll order something ridiculously healthy and then add the damned carrot cake muffin.

At work today, they celebrated the retirement of a coworker by giving him an enormous carrot cake. Reports says that it’s delicious. I stood fast. I avoided the thing by a large margin. I considered taking a picture of the carrot cake and sending it to Pam to show how great my willpower was. Then I figured that if I got too close I’d be shovelling the cake into my mouth before I knew what was happening.

Then I thought that maybe I could get someone to send me a picture of the cake then I’d avoid the temptation.

I couldn’t figure out how to do that without sounding like a complete moron so I didn’t.

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